Composing and musical arrangement

I compose music for the purposes of theatrical performances, concerts and other audio-visual forms. I create musical arrangements for orchestras, and complete commercial productions. Here you will find the best music for your project.

What can I do for you? Music services


I create original musical compositions to individual order, taking into account the purpose and guidelines of the ordering party. I write music for the purposes of theatrical performances, concerts, commercial enterprises, movies and commercials. My compositions are in various artistic styles, always trying to strike a balance between the character of a given project, artistic values and the expectations of the audience.

I create music per the request of orchestras, management companies and individual recipients.

Musical arrangement

I create musical arrangements for the line-up of your choice, aiming to find the most appropriate music scheme and orchestration. The field of musical arrangement creates immense opportunities to give the music content a desired character and texture, for example by adapting popular or classical music for a symphonic orchestra. I adapt the composition for the particular conditions in which it will be performed, and in line with the needs of the ordering party.

I provide my musical arrangements services to, among others, cultural centers, management companies and individual recipients.

Music production

An appropriately designed musical setting plays a vital role in audio-visual productions. It helps evoke emotions and create an appropriate atmosphere. I also provide original sound materials for the purposes of commercial audio-visual productions such as games, movies, commercials, etc. Moreover, I create sound identifications (so-called “music logos”), soundtracks for audiobooks, as well as audio materials for multimedia applications.

Sound design and music production services are especially recommended for audio and game publishers, individual recipients and companies. You can try out my music completely for free – just download a demo version available on my website. The file is on the Creative Commons (CC by 4.0) license and as such can be used for commercial purposes.

Adam Goik Creator of music emotions

I will compose music that will give your projects and actions a new depth

As a composer, arranger I cooperate on a regular basis with music publishing companies, management companies and individual creators. One of my core specializations is composing music for cartoons and fairy tales. I use the language of sound to tell immersive stories to make the young audience laugh, learn and move their hearts.

I developed a set of professional tools that I make an extensive use of in my work.

I am a producer and composer of illustrative music for the purposes of movies, commercials, games and other audio-visual productions. I create music for commercial purposes for individual customers. I cooperate with Internet creators, including content authors in social media channels, for whom I create sound materials. Do you need well-tailored music? I will give your project the right tune!

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